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English to French General and Technical Translation Experts

General and technical translation experts

Aubut & Associates operates with a core team of 15 francophone translators and editors, 4 anglophone translators and editors and 3 technical translators, as well as 2 AutoCAD technicians. A back-up team of 20 freelance translators is available as needed. All our translators are certified and highly qualified, with an average of more than 25 years of experience in their respective fields.

Michelle Aubut, CEO of Aubut & Associates Inc., joined the Aubut & Associates team in 1998 and plays many important roles in the company. She is first our lead translation coordinator of specifications and technical documents.  She is also responsible for overseeing all aspects of our business, planning for the future, and ensuring that the company is achieving its goals.

Stéphanie Aubut, President of Aubut & Associates Inc., started with the company in 1998. With a special interest in both languages and construction, she has been Aubut’s primary AutoCAD translator for over twenty years. Stephanie has translated tens of thousands of AutoCAD drawings in all fields of construction and is particularly interested in electrical and mechanical engineering.  She has  also been the primary coordinator of all technical projects, from local retrofit projects to large-scale international ventures.

Meet the Team

Carmen Sulpher started with Aubut & Associates in 2008 as our lead translation coordinator. She manages translation requests, sets timeframes, provides quotes, updates databases and ensures the timely delivery of projects to our clients. Carmen plays a critical role in every aspect of smooth office operations at Aubut & Associates.

Paul Aubut – Founder - Paul Aubut founded Aubut & Associates in 1975, with the goal of providing quality linguistic services to private sector and government clients. Having a special interest in architecture, he specializes in the translation of construction specifications and drawings. Paul's experience and in-depth knowledge in the field are unmatched. He is now Aubut & Associates’ principal technical revisor and translator.

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