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English to French General and Technical Translation Experts

General and technical translation experts

Aubut & Associates operates with a core team of 15 francophone translators and editors, 4 anglophone translators and editors and 3 technical translators, as well as 2 AutoCAD technicians. A back-up team of 20 freelance translators is available as needed. All our translators are certified and highly qualified, with an average of more than 20 years of experience in their respective fields. Nothing beats experience!

Stéphanie Aubut: Vice-President, Marketing and Technical Translation, Stéphanie Aubut joined the Aubut & Associates team in 2001 as its head of marketing and construction drawing translation. Stéphanie began helping her father translate drawings early in life, literally cutting and pasting words with scissors and glue on a drafting table. She will be forever grateful to AutoCAD! Stéphanie has been an equestrian since age nine and continues to ride and train horses with the help of her young daughter.

Paul Aubut: Founder and President, Paul Aubut established Aubut & Associates in 1975 to provide quality linguistic services to private sector and government clients in the National Capital Region. With a keen interest in architecture, he began to specialize in translating construction specifications and drawings. Paul's experience and vast knowledge have cemented his reputation as an unmatched innovator,expert and “godfather” of technical translation.

Paul Aubut - Technical and Construction Translations Expert

Paul is also an avid hockey player, and enjoys settling overdue accounts on the ice!

Meet the Team

Michelle Aubut: Vice-President, Finance and Production, Michelle Aubut joined the Aubut & Associates team in 1999. She plays many important roles in the company as head of our accounting section and our lead on translating construction specifications and coordinating technical documents. Like her father, Michelle has a passion for hockey, which she plays several times a week, and a fun-loving nature that keeps our staff entertained.

Carmen Sulpher: Manager, Carmen Sulpher coordinates all aspects of our business. She manages translation requests, sets timeframes, provides quotes, updates databases and ensures the timely delivery of projects to our clients. Carmen plays a critical role in every aspect of smooth office operations at Aubut & Associates. She is a master at multi-tasking. Carmen is our main contact with clients and warmly appreciated by all.

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