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Certified Translation, Revision & Proofreading

Certified Document Translation, Revision & Proofreading Services Ottawa

Aubut & Associates offers its clients a full range of high-quality, certified linguistic translation services Ottawa: general and technical translation, revision, writing, editing and proofreading. We regularly translate documents from French to English and from English to French, but we can accommodate most language combinations. We translate documents of every description, such as manuals, letters, corporate plans, website, brochures, pamphlets and company profiles.

Technical Translations

Technical Translation

Our team of technical translators has extensive skill and experience in construction and civil engineering. Not only can we translate drawings and specifications, but also the proposals and marketing, compliance or legal documents involved in developing construction projects.

Construction & AutoCAD Documents

Construction & AutoCAD Documents Translation

We have specialized in translating construction documents for over 35 years, with a focus on specifications and drawings in AutoCAD format. Whether your specifications are based on the National Master Specification and then customized, or written from scratch, we are the best in the business. We offer the fastest turnaround time in the industry when it comes to delivering accurate translations of your original specifications or drawings.

General Translation

General Translation

accredited supplier of linguistic services

Government Services

Every day, our team translates different types of general documents including letters, corporate plans, meeting minutes, job postings, agreements, proposals and forms, among many others, for a wide range of clients and industries.


Aubut & Associates has been an accredited supplier of linguistic translation services Ottawa to the Federal Government since 1983. We have extensive databases and lexicons containing government terms, abbreviations and expressions, which we update on a regular basis. Feel free to contact our office concerning secret security clearance details on our facilities, translators and support staff.

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